Bring Your Data To Life

Tool SQL Server
  • Scans and displays the tables, fields, keys and rules of the SQL Database.
  • Searches and replaces the data in the tables based on different rules.
  • All Data can be transformed into SQL query's.
  • Generates the definition and exports the data based on a number of parameters that you define.
  • Informations and descriptions about Triggers, Views, Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Analyze, visualize dataflows
Tool Reports & Designs

It displays the reports and designs that have been made or saved with the wizard (Options: Type report, Data Connection, Data source wizard (+20 supported databases), Data provider, Table, Views, Stored Procedures, Queries) or with the report designer.

The Tool Reports & Designs form handles existing Reports and Designs in two grids.


Why Use Sirkel Tools

Don't waste time for gathering results from similar and multiple applications.
Keep it simple.
All information that is been showned, can be exported in any file formats: CSV, XML, XLS or XLSX and more.
Regular updates
Sirkel Tools are in active development and new features are added regularly.
If you have any suggestions for new features please contact me.