Data Explorer

Sirkel Toolbar Data Explorer
It shows the detailed data from a certain table. You can adjust the data with the use of the ' Run SQL ' button beneath the form. There is also a possility to copy the SQL to the clipboard and to export the data.
Toolbar of the form
Option - ActionMeaning
Sirkel Toolbar Print PreviewPrint preview of the content from the grd.
Sirkel Applications Toolbar FindPanelThe grid can display a find panel that enables users to search for keywords in visible columns.
Sirkel Toolbar Show Captiondisplay header
Sirkel Toolbar Show Group PanelSets a value indicating whether the group panel is visible.
Sirkel Toolbar Show IndicatorSets a value that indicates whether the driving indicator panel is displayed.
Sirkel Toolbar Show PreviewSets a value that indicates whether preview sections are displayed.
Sirkel Toolbar Export RibbonYou can export the grid to various formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, CSV, DOCX, TXT, HTML, MHT
Sirkel Toolbar CloseClosing the window.

Data Explorer Form Content

On the left is a list of all tables of the chosen the database. When you click on a table, you see the results of the data shown in the grid. Above the data, you'll see the columns of the particular table.

View the SQL Query and execute it.

If you wish to edit a certain value, you will find a text field at the bottom with the SQL query that you can execute the query. You have the possibility to copy the SQL query to the clipboard.