Opleidingen en cursussen

Ik school mij permanent bij voor wat ik doe.
Dit is nodig en vooral interessant om de steeds veranderende wereld van technologieën.
Het zijn vooral cursussen en/of opleidingen met online education van Pluralsight waar ik een Annual Plus abonnement heb.

Hier kan u een overzicht vinden wat ik reeds (bij)gestudeerd, gevolgd, … heb.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Getting Your First WordPress Website Up in Under 24 Hours
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development
  • Master Your Domain: User Roles & Capabilities in WordPress
  • WordPress Fundamentals: WP_Query and the Loop
  • Your First Day with WordPress CMS
  • Administering SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint Development Essentials

Data manipulation

  • SQL – DDL & DML
  • Introduction To SQL
  • Developer’s T-SQL Playbook
  • SQL Server: Transact-SQL Data Retrieval
  • SQL Server: Transact-SQL Data Modification
  • Introduction to Dates and Times in SQL Server
  • Applying SQL Server 2016 Features to Real-world Data Problems
  • Understanding Machine Learning


  • ASP.NET 5: First Look
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture
  • Responsive Websites With Bootstrap 3
  • Search Engine Optimization with ASP.NET
  • Making a Web Form Accessible
  • User Experience Tips and Tricks for Developers
  • Entity Framework By Example
  • One ASP.NET From Scratch
  • HTML Fundamentals
  • Design Patterns On Ramp
  • C# for Visual Basic .NET Developers
  • WCF Jumpstart
  • Introduction To UML
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • PHP programming: fundamentals course
  • XML concepts and fundamentals
  • Programming C#

IT Ops

  • Windows 10 Fundamentals
  • Basisopleiding Project Management

Soft Skills

  • Career and Survival Strategies for Software Developers
  • Productivity Tips for the Busy Tech Professional
  • How to Stay Abreast in the Ever-changing World of Tech
  • Keeping up with Technology
  • Professionalism for Developers
  • The Dark Side of Technology Careers
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Dealing With A New Company Culture