Report Wizard

Sirkel Toolbar Create Report With Wizard
This wizard will help you to make a new report. It will ask you several options and parameters. Options: Type report, Data Connection, Data source wizard, Data provider, Table, Views, Stored Procedures, Queries
Report Wizard Step 1
Wizard - Step 2 Data Connection

Wizard - Step 3 Data Connection - Data Source Wizard

The Data Source Wizard allows you to configure a data source and retrieve its data.

The wizard supports the following data source types:

Supported DatabasesSupported Versions / Explanation
Microsoft SQL Server2005 or higher
2005 Express or higher
Azure SQL Database
Microsoft AccessAccess 2000 or higher
Access 2007 or higher
Microsoft SQL Server CE3.5, 4.0
Oracle Database9i or higher
Amazon Redshiftn/a
Google BigQueryn/a
TerraData13.0 or higher
SAP HANA2.0 or higher
SAP Sybase AdvantageAdvantage Database Server 9.1 or higher
SAP Sybase ASESybase Adaptive Server 12.0 or higher
SAP SQL Anywhere11 or higher
IBM DB29.5 or higher
Firebird1.5 or higher, Dialect 3
MySQL4.1 or higher
Pervasive PSQL9.x or higher
PostgreSQL7.x or higher
VistaDB4, 5, 6
ObjectConnects to any data object that implements the IList, IList or IEnumerable interface.
Entity FrameworkBinds to a Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework data source.
Excel FileObtains data from Microsoft Excel workbooks (XLS, XLSX, or XLSM files) or CSV files.
JSONConnects to JSON-formatted data.
MongoDBConnects to a MongoDB instance.
XPOBinds to XPO Data
Data FederationRetrieves data from mul
Report Wizard - Step 4 Data Provider
Report Wizard - Step 5 Select Table, Views, Stored Procedures, Queries
Report Wizard - Step 6 Data Members
Wizard - Step 7 Group Data
Wizard - Step 8 Summary Functions
Wizard - Step 9 Page Settings
Wizard - Step 10 Color Scheme
Wizard - Step 11 Report Title