Search and Replace

Sirkel Toolbar Search and Replace Data
What does Search and Replace do? After filling in and selecting a number of data, it searches for the input value in the entire database. You can replace it with another value. An example is here the value ' Sport ' in the screen below and searched in all the tables of AdventureWorks. The list below shows the tables, the value and the results in a grid.
Search and Replace: overview and list of the options
Sirkel Toolbar Select AllAll possibilities - tick tables in the list.SirkelData - Search Replace Data - Tables
Sirkel Toolbar Clear SelectionNo options - check tables in the list.SirkelData Search and Replace Data Remove All in List
Sirkel Toolbar Find Table In ListFind the table in the list. 
Sirkel Toolbar ValueEnter the value that will be searched for in the selected table(s). 
Sirkel Toolbar TypeSpecify the type (numeric or text) to be searched for. 
Sirkel Toolbar LikeIf text is selected, indicate what kind of LIKE will be used in the SQL.
Selections you can make:
1) Find the exact value.
2) Finds any values that start with input.
3) Finds any values that end with input.
4) Finds any values that have input in any position.
Sirkel Toolbar Search ValueLook up the value entered in the selected table(s). 
Sirkel Toolbar Clear ValueClear the value and selected options. 
Sirkel Toolbar Row ValueNumber of rows that have the input value.
Afterwards you can adjust the rows for a possible update.
In the textbox you can define the new value.
Sirkel Toolbar Set New ValueFill in the new value in the grid. 
Sirkel Toolbar Update DataRun the updates. 
SirkelData - Search Replace Data - Results GridResults of the updates.
Here you have the option to individually update or delete a selected value.
SirkelData Data Search Replace Update Logs TabIf you click on the 'Update Logs' tab, the results after one or more update(s) are displayed in a table.
Sirkel Toolbar Print PreviewGenerate a print preview of the results in the grid. 
Sirkel Toolbar Export ListYou can export the results to various formats: PDF XLS XLSX RTF CSV DOCX TXT HTML MHT 
Sirkel Toolbar CloseClosing the window.